What you have to bring to Aachen:
  • diploma certificate together with an exact list of results and an abstract
  • PhD certificate (if present)
  • A-level exam (or equivalent) (needed only for BAT contract; cf. below)
  • reverences of all activities based on contracts in the field of chemistry
  • 4 photographs
  • birth certificate
  • (marriage certificate)
  • (children's birth certificates)

    What you have to do in Aachen:

    OC-Geschäftszimmer (Mrs. Schellenberg; room 202m; mo-fr 8:00-12:00):

    • get the application for employment (Einstellungungsantrag)
    • get the personal data form (Personalbogen)

    Dr. Geibel (room 1.07m):

    • get a certificate of employment from the chemistry department which should include the following: project title and duration of research work as well as salary

    Certificate of equivalence for foreign stuff

    The academic foreign office of the RWTH verifies the equivalence of the certificates of diploma and Phd. Please show the original documents and hand in up a copy. Employement without the equivalence by the RWTH Aachen University is not possible.

    Aachen local administration:

    To bring along: tenancy agreement (lease), passport, photos, birth certificate, certificate of employment (Dr. Geibel), money for additional fees


    • registration office (Einwohnermeldeamt); by main station [Hauptbahnhof] ground floor; don't forget to pull a number at the registration office (mo - tu 7:30-15:00, we 7:30-18:00, th 7:30-15:00, fr 7:30-12:00)
      also branch office at the
       administration building (Verwaltungsgebäude) at Marschiertor, Lagerhausstraße 20): (Mo - Fr 7:00-18:00)
    • hand in the number from the registration office
    • show your tenancy agreement and passport
    • file the registration claim
    • apply for a tax card and for a certificate of conduct (only necessary for BAT-contracts)


    • foreigners office, building "Super C" of the RWTH, Templergraben 57, 4. floor (Mon, Tue, Thurs 7:30-15:00, Wed 7:30-16:45, Fr 7:30-12:00)
      Mr. Beilebes, Tel. 5198-3369, room 421
      Mrs. Krey, Tel. 5198-3367, room 422
      Mr. Morawe, Tel. 5198-3368, room 422
    • provide your application for employment and certificate from Dr. Geibel
    • show your tenancy agreement and passport
    • get an application needed for the registration office
    • provide 2 photographs
    • pick up your residence permit


    • registration office

    • show your residence permit
    • pick up your tax card as well as certificate of conduct if available


    Health insurance (own preference)

    • show your application for employment (OC-Geschäftszimmer)
    • show your tenancy agreement
    • apply for a health insurance (the insurance card will be sent later on to your residence)


    Banks or savings banks

    • open checking account (Girokonto)


    University administration building (Templergraben 86, 2nd floor)

    • Division of scientic employees (Abt. für wiss. Angestellte (BAT-contract):
    • provide your application for employment (OC-Geschäftszimmer)
    • fill in and return the personal data sheet (Personalbogen) and the declaration concerning this sheet (on the spot)
    • provide a photograph
    • provide a CV
    • provide your birth certificate
    • (provide your marriage certificate)
    • (provide your children's birth certificates)
    • provide your A-level exam or equivalent
    • provide your diploma certificate together with an exact list of results
    • provide your PhD certificate (if present)
    • provide your diploma (or PhD) equivalence certificate
    • certificate of good conduct: present the receipt from the local administration
    • certificate of health: For this you take a pre-prepared form that you pick up from the division of scientific employees and go to the RWTH doctor (Roermonder Str. 7; open every morning) for blood analysis and general medical examination. The results are automatically sent to the administrative office.
    • hand in tax card (local administration)
    • show your residence permit (local administration) and leave a copy


    As soon as the contract(s) is (are) ready to be signed, you will be notified by the RWTH administration.

    Note: Always take enough copies of all the required documents with you, along with the originals!