A group of pre-school kids from the Kindergarten “In den Küpperbenden” visited the Institute of Organic Chemistry on June 7. Together with three of their tutors, the 28 kids had a short introduction into the background of organic chemistry and a guided tour in the institute. Finally, they performed experiments and watched additional ones presented by Professor Bolm.



Julian Obst (16) from the Cornelius-Burgh-Gymnasium in Erkelenz did it again: Also in the next round of the young investigator competition (on state level at Bayer AG in Leverkusen on April 3–5) he was successful. With his project “Mechanochemie in der Ball Mill – Alternative Reaktionswege zur klassischen Synthese” he won a “Bayer Special Award” allowing him to stay at the “Bayer Science Teens Camp” entitled “Life Science und medizinische Gesundheitsfragen” in Denver, USA, for two weeks this summer. Congratulations!


Schüler Julian Obst erforscht die Mechanochemie in der KugelmühleWe congratulate Julian Obst (16) from the Cornelius-Burgh-Gymnasium in Erkelenz for winning the first prize in chemistry at a young investigator competition on March 7, 2017. In his project we had studied alternative reaction pathways under mechanochemical conditions, and during the preparation phase he enjoyed scientific advice from Dr. José Hernández (Institute of Organic Chemistry). Now, he will continue in a competition on state level (at Bayer AG in Leverkusen) on April 3–5. We wish him all the best and most success!

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